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High-Quality Shisha & Delightful Blended Flavors for a Memorable Experience
Shisha Outsourcing
Delivering premium shisha outsourcing services to world-class hotels and restaurants across the UAE. Proudly trusted by over 25 long-term partners for exceptional quality and reliability.
Shisha Catering
Elevate your event or evening with our professional shisha catering services! FUMA offers 24/7 availability and a wide selection of shisha flavors, blends, and entertaining shows. Let us make your occasion unforgettable!
At Fuma, we are passionate about enriching the shisha culture in Dubai and across the UAE. As a leading provider of top-tier shisha experiences, our team of dedicated experts brings years of expertise and love for shisha to every aspect of our business.
Who We Are
What We Do
We offer comprehensive shisha outsourcing services to luxury hotels, high-end restaurants, and premium lounges in Dubai and beyond. Our shisha catering services extend to events, private parties, and special occasions, ensuring memorable experiences for our clients and their guests. We take pride in providing an extensive range of high-quality shisha flavors and blends, curated for an exceptional smoking experience.
Why We Are Doing It
Dubai is a city that embodies the best in quality and standards across all areas—except, historically, for shisha. Fuma is here to change that. Our mission is to elevate the shisha experience to match the luxury and excellence that Dubai is known for. By offering premium shisha services and raising the bar on quality, we aim to set new standards for shisha culture in the region.
Turnkey Shisha Solutions
No Equipment Investment
Enjoy the latest, trendiest, and most commercially accepted shisha equipment—provided by us.
We handle every aspect of your shisha offerings, including the organization and investment in materials and equipment.
Premium Tobacco Provided
Experience the finest and freshest ingredients sourced globally, including unique blends crafted by our expert mixologists.
Branded Uniforms & Training
Shisha staff will be outfitted in Fuma-branded uniforms and provided with comprehensive training materials to deliver a seamless experience.
Why Choose FUMA
No Material Costs
All shisha accessories, such as pipes, silicone bowls, and special coal carriers, are supplied and regularly updated to meet current market trends.
Venue Marketing Support
We actively collaborate on marketing activities, offering innovative ideas, promotions, and strategies tailored to your venue.
Experience the Art of Shisha:
A Symphony of Flavors & Quality
Artistic Presentation
Unforgettable Taste
Curated Menu of Premium Products
Artistic Presentation
Unforgettable Taste
Curated Menu of Premium Products
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